Campbell McKay (Principal) 
MIL (Hons), B.Ed & Dip.Tchg

Principal's Welcome Message

Dear Families & Visitors,

Our school is a place for everyone in our community; children, parents, families and the wider community. At SHNPS we believe in the importance of building relationships with all our community because we know that strong relationships are the key to happy and healthy lives for our students. 


Our purpose at SHNPS is to provide a safe place for learning. An environment that is nurturing, inspiring, challenging and caring for all students and staff. Having strong relationships ensures this can happen.


As a school we are ‘growth focussed’ supporting students & staff to reach their potential. We aim to nurture lifelong learners in both their social and academic spheres, building skills in readiness for life.

As a staff we work hard to:                                                                                                  

  • Get to know students and their families on a personal level through building positive relationships and making regular contact with families so that the whole family becomes part of our school.

  • Make all our community welcome, acknowledging the importance of the whole community in raising a child.

  • Personally embrace the Positive Education framework (underpinned by our school values of Respect, Resilience & Responsibility) and ethos of the program.

  • Emphasise the ‘growth’ aspect of learning, acknowledging that we are all at a different point along the learning continuum and providing the appropriate instruction as needed. 


Research shows that if you want improved student outcomes, then you need a staff who are highly skilled in instruction. The research shows which approaches & strategies are the most effective for student learning. Our staff understand this well & weave the use of technology into our programs to maximise learning time, improving the quality of task & instruction.


I have personally chosen our teaching staff not only because of the skills they have in the class but also because of their personal qualities. I am particularly interested in staff who are reflective - because these people will continue to reflect & grow. I also employ staff on the basis of whether I would be happy for them to teach my child - this is a great gauge!


Families and visitors are always welcome to visit our school and I am always very happy to personally take you on a tour around our wonderful school.

Campbell McKay