How we achieve 'The Best Me I Can Be'       



What is Positive Education? In simple terms it is a proactive framework that supports students in having a happy thriving life! In terms of evidenced based research it sits under the umbrella of positive psychology.


In 2017, staff and students began our Positive Education journey in order to focus not only on wellbeing

but building our students capacity to thrive and live life to the upmost. Lying underneath the approach are our SHNPS values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. The values are now guided by our Positive Education vision to strengthen relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness and encourage a healthy thriving lifestyle.


Staff and students embrace “The Best Me I Can Be”. 

What have we agreed to do?                                                                                               

  • LEARN IT - Staff at SHNPS will continually develop their Positive Education philosophy with practical skill development, resources and professional readings. Staff will be equipped with an understanding of Positive Psychology and the positive effect this has on children’s education.

  • LIVE IT- Staff at SHNPS will model the deliberate practice of Positive Education on a daily basis. Staff will actively incorporate the common language and beliefs of Positive Education as the foundation as part of our school’s culture. Staff will be supported to not only teach it as part of the curriculum in the classroom but also actively work on their own wellbeing.

  • TEACH IT - Staff at SHNPS will implicitly and/or explicitly teach the underlying foundations of Positive Education at our school. They will use a common language, knowledge and skill set to empower students to actively learn and flourish. Teachers will use every opportunity to teach, demonstrate and encourage students to build self-motivation and self-discipline.

  • EMBED IT  - SHNPS will show an ongoing commitment to Positive Education through an integrated, meaningful approach from our whole school community (Staff, students and families). As a staff we have acknowledged the ongoing benefits of Positive Education and its impact on our learners.


What can families Expect to see?                                                                                                         

  • Circle time is expected to be evident in every classroom – this is to connect with students & ensure students ‘voices’ are heard.

  • Follow the annual overview using Positive Education daily. 

  • Term One: Relationships= Bucket Filling / Awareness of Others 

  • Term Two: Respect= Growth Mindset (Positive Reframing & Self Growth)

  • Term Three: Responsibility= Gratefulness (Recognising & Appreciating)

  • Term Four: Resilience= Mindfulness (Self Awareness)