Videos to support understanding of the 'Research' behind our
FLISC'ing Instructional Model
(2017 Melbourne Principal's Conference Presentation from SHNPS)
Part One - Why the landscape has changed & what the evidence is to support this.
Part Two - Why we chose to focus on INSTRUCTION. Why 'Feedback' needs to be understood. And how to embed this work, so it works :) 
What is an Effect Size & how can we use this - Resources and Readings.
Hattie on Effect Sizes -
Great Overview
Success Criteria - Resources & Sample Staff Professional Learning
Learning Intentions & Success Criteria - Hattie
Feedback - Resources and readings to support your staff understand high quality Feedback that students want & need.
Feedback is not Praise!
Dylan Wiliam
FLISC'ing in Practice
Swan Hill North PS FLISC'ing Extended Example1
Swan Hill North PS FLISC'ing Extended  Example 2
FLISC'ing in Co-Planning

A FLISC'ing 'Success Criteria' For Teachers

Valuable background Videos
on Leading Learning
Vivienne Robinson - Leaders Affect Learning!
Principal's as -
Instructional Leaders
Continuous Teacher Improvement Dylan Wiliam